Monday, February 14, 2011

Eto: The Desert Rose

In the foothills below the Pillars of the Sun lies Eto, the Rose of the Desert. At first an oasis and trade hub in central Osirion, it grew to a bustling town in the Age of Destiny. Away from the major Osirion cities it was still a valuable location, and that fact is punctuated by the Keleshite fortress overlooking the area. The city itself is a sprawling, organic metropolos that has become the third largest in all of Osirion, thanks to the opening of the central desert to foriegn exploration. Tens of thousands, representing all races, religions, and nations have gathered here. The old town surrounds the water source in the oasis, the next few concentric neighborhoods encompass the mearchants and native population. Beyond that, a combination of hastily constructed mud brick buildings and enormous tent cities. Eto lies the border of the desert and the foothills where there is some sparce and scrublike vegetation. The Mountains to the south are impressive, and between thier influence and that of the oasis, the area is more hospitable than most of the surrounding land, the harse dune sea. The major landmarks are: the Keleshite fortress, now occupied by the Osirion military and the local governor; the Mearchant quarter and market; the temple of Sarenrae which is the largest in Osirion, and is framed by the mountain range; and the grand arena, constructed and surrounded by the Trading Houses of Andoran, each compound an impressive sight on thier own.  

Sunday, February 13, 2011


After over 2000 years of Keleshite opression, the "Land of the Pharoahs" was returned to independant rule. Many repressed traditions began to return, as well as an interest in the grand culture of Osirion during the Age of Destiny. Recently, The Ruby Prince, Khemet III has opened up vast portions of the desert to foriegn exploration, in an attempt to accelerate the recovery of the lost cities and artifacts representing distant glory. The Grand Trading Houses of Andoran have all sent representatives to Osirion and are actively recruiting archeologists, mercenaries, and adventurers to uncover the riches of the past, both history and gold. Grand events are held in Eto to allow the Houses to evaluate the multitude of treasure seekers, each vying for the services of the best and most talented.  You have chosen to travel there, and enter into the competition. Will you win? Will you even survive? If you do, are you ready for what comes next in the vast unforgiving deserts of Osirion? Only time will tell.